Artist James Cowan (born in Glasgow, Richmond-based) has commissioned Eddie McGuire to compose pieces as soundtracks to time-lapse videos of his artworks. A series of several Triptychs is the result. Here is the latest, with a score for wind quintet, The Leningrad Triptych  which explores  the 1967 mural in St Petersburg celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The music score and the artwork video were completed in January 2021:

The Leningrad Triptych

The Leningrad Triptych - short 1' version

The series began with three pieces for violin, clarinet and piano to compliment a triptych of paintings exploring St Petersburg which the artist James Cowan had visited, leaving him with vivid memories of the city. The 3 pieces form 3 movements of a concert suite. The St Petersburg Triptych was completed in September 2018, the Anichkov Triptych in November 2020 and the Nevsky Triptych in July 2019:

St Petersburg Triptych

Anichkov Triptych

Nevsky Triptych

Another 3 movement work in the series has a score for flute, clarinet and bassoon. The first explores the windows of the city, the second is a triptych of images of fire escapes in New York - again, following a visit by the artist - who is inspired by the carousels of the city in the third triptych. Composer Eddie McGuire had also visited both New York (1996 and 2002) and St Petersburg (1988, 2003 and 2017). The Okna Triptych was completed in August 2020, the others in July 2020:

Three New York Fire Escapes

Carousel Triptych

Further movements may be written for another set using violin, cello and clarinet in the score. The triptych movement so far composed using this instrumentation is also an exploration of St Petersburg in painting by James Cowan. The score was completed in October 2020:

Prospekt Triptych