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Entangled Fortunes ~ http://delphianrecords.co.uk/person/eddie-mcguire/ 
A selection of McGuire's finest ensemble music performed by Red Note. Received the accolade of Editor's Choice in Gramophone Magazine 2015. Includes the pieces Euphoria, Elegy, Quintet 2, String Trio and Entangled Fortunes. Cover painting by the composer.
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Eddie McGuire: Music for Flute, Guitar and Piano ~  http://delphianrecords.co.uk/person/eddie-mcguire/ 
Awarded an Editor's Choice in Gramophone Magazine in 2006. Featuring Nancy Ruffer (flute), Abigail James (guitar) performing Amazonia, Prelude 3, Resistance Movement, Music for Piano(s), Dark Cloud, Celtic Knotwork, Harbour of Harmonies and Caprice. Cover painting by the composer.
Knotwork ~ http://delphianrecords.co.uk/person/eddie-mcguire/
The Fell Clarinet Quartet perform McGuire's Celtic Knotwork and his Chinese Knotwork among several other tracks. Cover and inner artwork by composer.
Fair Peched ~ www.albabrass.com/Fair_Peched.html
The quintet include McGuire's Auriga: The Five Stars which he wrote for Fine Arts Brass in 2004
Passing Seasons ~ https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/passing-seasons/1270639737
The Boyle-Klofver Duo perform Passing Seasons (1 Summer Murmur; 2 Autumn Leaves; 3 Winter Thoughts; 4 Spring Awakening) which they commissioned in 2016
Boyle Klofver Duo ~  https://store.cdbaby.com/artist/BoyleKlofverDuo
On this CD, their first, the Duo include McGuire's Improvisations on Calderon inspired by the Spanish playwright's comedy and tragedy
Airs d'Ecosse ~ www.annechaurandguitarist.co.uk
Folk Memories in Summer (commissioned by Anne Chaurand) and Zalongo Dance Elegy (commissioned by Eleftheria Kotzia) are  on this 2018 solo guitar album
Flotilla ~ https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/flotilla
The saxophone ensemble of the same name (Flotilla) led by Kyle Horch include McGuire's Remembrance  on this album released in 2008
The Prairie Song Project ~ www.prairiesongproject.com
Amy Morris (flute) and Michael Heaston (piano) perform McGuire's Aria commissioned by Amy in 2004. The piece develops themes from two of McGuire's operas The Loving of Etain (librettist Marianne Carey) and Helen of Braemore (librettist Peter Isaac)
Viola Pieces ~
order from http://www.scottishmusiccentre.com/product/james-durrant-viola-pieces-vol-1/
This album from violist James Durrant MBE features Durrant playing all 20 viola parts of McGuire's Divertimento  as well as his Martyr
Upstart Jugglers ~ http://www.mcfalls.co.uk/Recordings/Upstart-Jugglers
Mr McFall's Chamber released this album in 2001 containing one of McGuire's most passionate utterances on war and conflict - his piece about the war on Yugoslavia, Nocturnes for violin, viola, cello, doublebass, piano and percussion
New Horizons ~ https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/cuillinsoundtrio
McGuire specially arranged this extended version of his Celtic Knotwork for Cuillin Sound's flute, clarinet and bassoon for this CD
Guitar Phases ~ http://www.xolo.de/shop/product_info.php?info=p37_Guitar-Phases.html&XTCsid=ou330j76t0ju3p6hv639...
Album from Stefan Grasse featuring multiple guitars presents McGuire's Dark Cloud (using 8 layered guitars), with works by Nicky Hind, Leo Brouwer and Steve Reich
Callanish: Modern Folk Fantasies ~ http://www.xolo.de/shop/product_info.php?info=p31_Callanish---Modern-Folk-Fantasies.html
Stefan Grasse plays music by Wilson, Geddes, Vivienne Olive - and McGuire's Journey's End (guitar & marimba), Skemptonkata (guitar) and Slip Jig Blues (flute & guitar)
Embracing the Unknown ~ http://www.brassclassics.co.uk/store/product_info.php?cPath=35_41&products_id=71
Commissioned by the Edinburgh Quartet, McGuire's Guest Sextet combines them with John Kenny on trombone and Catriona McKay on harp
Scotland's Music ~ http://www.linnrecords.com/recording-scotland-s-music--double-cd--cd.aspx
Features, as the final track in this historical survey of music from Scotland, McGuire's symphonic poem Calgacus performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. This double CD was compiled by Dr John Purser and produced by fellow composer Martin Dalby