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Edward McGuire's main compositions at a glance, with orchestra at premiere:

Calgacus  (symphonic poem for full orchestra including Highland Bagpipes) BBCSSO 1976 (16')
Source Reflections on Niel Gunn's novel Highland River  (symphonic poem) BBCSSO 1979 (19')
Riverside (symphonic poem for folk group & orchestra) Scottish Chamber Orchestra 1991 (17')
The Caledonian Muse (symphonic rhapsody for orchestra) Glasgow Chamber Orchestra 1995 (15')
The Meadow's  Muse  (symphonic rhapsody for orchestra) Meadows Chamber Orchestra 1997 (12')
Clyde Built (overture for full orchestra The Ulster Orchestra 2008 (5')
Hall of Memories (overture for orchestra) BBCSSO  2006 (6')
Encores en Suite (3 sets of folk dances & tunes for full orchestra) BBCSSO 2010 (9')
The Spirit of Wallace (short symphonic poem) BBCSSO 1997 (11')
A Glasgow Symphony (for full orchestra) National Youth Orchestra of Scotland 1990 (35')
Homage to Glasgow (for full orchestra) Really Terrible Orchestra 2012 (5')
Peter Pan: Suite (from the ballet score) Strathclyde University Orchestra 1994 (30')
Junk Shop Blues (on Joan Eardley's Rag and Bone Shop) Scottish Chamber Orchestra 2006 (4')
Symphonies of Scots Song (with bagpipes) Royal Scottish National Orchestra 1992 (15')
Symphonies of Trains (for chamber orchestra) Camerata 1992 (15')
Scottish Dances on Original Themes (full orchestra) RSAMD Junior Orchestra 1989 (18')
Overture: Revival (overture for orchestra) Merchant Sinfonia 2023 (6'30'')

Earthrise - symphonic poem for brass band (2003) West Lothian Brass (filmed by StAMP 2021)

Guitar Concerto Phillip Thorne / Glasgow Festival Strings at Glasgow Garden Festival 1988
Trombone Concerto John Kenny / Glasgow Festival Strings at Aix en Provence Festival 1992
Violin Concerto Cleo Gould / RSNO at Perth Festival of the Arts 1999
Viola Concerto Gillianne Haddow / Glasgow Festival Strings at International Viola Congress 1998
Cello Concerto Robert Irvine / Broen Ensemble  2021
Doublebass Concerto Alice Durrant / Glasgow Schools Symphony Orchestra 1994
Accordion Concerto Owen Murray / Goldberg Ensemble at RNCM Manchester 1999
Harp Concerto (in preparation)
Timpani Concerto (in preparation)

Peter Pan (ballet in 3 acts) for orchestra Scottish Ballet / Hong Kong Ballet 1989 (1 hour 45')
Defying Fate (Tian Di Yuan) ballet in 1 act Harmony Ensemble / The Whistlebinkies 2005 (25')
The Spirit of Flight (ballet in 1 act) Glasgow Festival Strings / The Whistlebinkies 1991 (15')

The Loving of Etain in 3 acts, libretto by Marianne Carey, 14-piece orchestra Paragon Opera 1990
Cake-Talk youth opera in 2 acts, libretto by Marianne Carey, full orchestra, chorus RSNO 1996
Helen of Braemore in 2 acts, libretto by Peter Isaac, fl/va/harp/perc/pipes Country Opera 1997
Cullercoats Tommy in 1 act, libretto by Michael Wilcox, orch, chorus, dancers Northern Sinfonia 1993 (65')

Celtic Knotwork versions for 3 recorders; 3 women's voices (Scottish Voices); 3 flutes (Scottish Flute Trio); 4 flutes; 4 clarinets (Fell Quartet); 3 saxophones (Flotilla); flute, clarinet and bassoon (for the Cuillin Sound trio) Chinese Knotwork for 4 clarinets (recorded by the Fell Quartet)
Chamber Music: Guevara's Epitaph 3 cl/hp/piano (won National Young Composers Competition 1969)
Dangerous Orations (Martin Luther King Jr memorial) fl/cl/vn/va/vc/pf/hp/3 perc for Paragon Ensemble
Dark Cloud for guitar octet commissioned by Phillip Thorne recorded by Stefan Grasse
Divertimento for 20 violas for Scottish Viola International, recorded by James Durrant 1986
Elegy violin, cello, piano for Coker-Manson Trio recorded on Delphian 'Entangled Fortunes' 1992
Entangled Fortunes cl, vn, vc, piano for Sir James Mirrlees, recorded on Delphian 'Entangled Fortunes' 2015
Euphoria Fl,Cl, Vn, Vc, Piano, Perc for The Fires of London, on Delphian 'Entangled Fortunes' (Red Note Ensemble)
Fantasy Quartet Vn Va Vc Piano commissioned by the Naxos Piano Quartet
Five Stars in Auriga brass quintet for Fine Arts Brass, recorded by Alba Brass on their own label
Flute Octet 5 Fl 2 AltoFl Bfl for Scottish International Flute Summer School
Guest Quintet for Edinburgh String Quartet with a guest soloist: guitar, cor anglais, trombone or clarinet
Guest Sextet same string quartet part but with trombone and harp (recorded on Brass Classics by John Kenny)
Harp Octet in honour of Sanchia Pielou on her retirement. Performed at Edinburgh International Harp Festival
Interregnum 2Fl Cl Vn Va Vc Harp for the New Music Group of Scotland, broadcast BBC Radio 3
Kist O' Whistles folk ensemble/organ for The Whistlebinkies and Michael Bonaventure
Lament (Bassoon Octet) for British Music Information Centre open day 1989. Performed Sound festival Aberdeen
Liberation Fl Cl Va Harp for New Music Group of Scotland, broadcast BBC Radio 3
Movement Fl Va Harp for the New Music Group of Scotland
Nocturne and Sunrise 5 guitars for Nuremberg Guitar Society (Saitenwirbel) premiere July 16th 2021
Quintet 1 Cl Vn Va Vc Piano for Quintessence
Quintet 2 Fl Cl Vn Vc Piano for Lontano; recorded on Delphian 'Entangled Fortunes' by Red Note ensemble
Remembrance for 3 oboes composed for the Park Lane Series at the Purcell Room 1992
Resistance Movement for Flute, guitar and piano recorded on Delphian 'Eddie McGuire: Music' 2006
String Quartet won competition for quartet for SPNM 40th anniversary gala (Arditti Quartet) Lochrian Quartet
Three Comic Sketches for 4 bass clarinets for Jane Forder, premiered by Calum Robertson June 2020
Rebirth Fl Cl Vn Vc Pf Perc for New Music Group of Scotland premiered at Edinburgh International Festival
Trio Fl Ob Bn commemorating the end of the Vietnam war
Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano 1966. Recorded by Daniel's Beard on their own label
Western Light 3 Fl Guitar for the Scottish Flute Trio and Alan Neave
Wild Woods viola, trombone, percussion, electronic sounds
Wind Octet 2 Ob 2 Cl 2 Bn 2 Hn McEwen commission for BBCSSO players 1980; recorded by Paragon Ensemble
Winds at Sea Fl Ob Cl Bn for the Illuminati Wind Quartet
Zephyr for trombone and string quartet, recorded by John Kenny and Chamber Group on Brass Classics

Celtic Knotwork 3 sopranos (or 2 sop/1 alto) in C for Cappella Nova; in A for Scottish Voices. Text by composer.
Eastern Light SATB for Cappella Nova to text by Yusef al-Khatib
Lifesongs SATB/strings for the John Currie Singers to texts by Alan Bold
Memory SATB for Cappella Nova/Alan Tavener to poems by Simon Steel
On Inchcolm SATB with optional instruments Heriot Watt New Music/Steve King to poem by Tom Furniss 2017
Pipes of Peace for large chorus with bagpipes (small, Lowland & Highland) RSNO Chorus/Robert Wallace 1986
Three Chorales of Struggle SATB for Cadenza Choir/Graham Lovatt to texts by composer
Three Donne Lyrics SATB for Paisley Abbey Choir & bass flute (Ewan Robertson) 2020 to texts by John Donne

Songs from the North soprano & brass quintet (to text by Eddie McGuire)
Songs of New Beginnings mezzo & wind quartet (to 7 poems by Marianne Carey)
Quest soprano & ensemble (to poems by various authors including Marianne Carey)
Five Songs for soprano, viola & piano (to poems by Janet Humberger)
Reves de la Bonne Heure soprano & piano (to poem in French by Eddie McGuire)
Women's Voices 5 female singers, clarinet and string quartet (words traditional plus poem by Marianne Carey)

INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS with accompaniment
Aria flute & piano
Sonatina flute & piano
Sonatina trumpet & piano
Sonatina violin & piano
Caprice flute & piano
Cowal Colours flute & harp
Elegiac Waltz clarinet & piano
Reflection violin & piano
Thalamion cello & piano
Three Dialogues cello & piano
Wise Owl oboe & piano
Dialogue of Flute and Organ flute & organ

48 Preludes - Set 1:  1 cello 2 bass clarinet 3 flute 4 organ 5 guitar 6 viola 7 piano 8 tenor voice 9 clarinet 10 harp     11 concertina 12 accordion 13 piccolo 14 clarsach 15 marimba 16 oboe 17 horn 18 doublebass 19 cor anglais      20 oud 21 violin 22 trumpet 23 trombone 24 castanets (all composed between 1975 and 2015 )
48 Preludes - Set 2: 25 vibraphone 26 . . . 27 . . . 28 . . . 29 treble recorder

Fantasy  guitar (1967)   Martyr  viola (1972)   Rant  violin (1978)   Amazonia  guitar (1987)                                  Soundweft clarinet (1986)  Harbour of Harmonies piano (2000)  Dancing Memories flute (2001)

Music for Pianos (1970) - for piano ensemble (eg 6 pianos)
Reflections (1979) - for 2 pianos
Four Nocturnes (1999) - solo piano
Harbour of Harmonies (2000) - solo piano
Farewell (2009) - solo piano (in memory Tom McGrath)
Botanic Gardens (2016) - for 4 players at 2 pianos (for Glasgow Botanic Gardens 200th anniversary)
Melody of Megaliths (2023) - solo piano (in memory Morris Pert)

 Amazonia (solo guitar) recorded by Abigail James on Delphian Records 
Autumn Moon (2 guitars, 1992, rev. 2012) for Phillip Thorne & Selana Madeley
Cauldron of Improvisations (flute, viola, guitar) for Trio Ecossaise
Concerto for Guitar (guitar & string orchestra) for Phillip Thorne & Glasgow Festival Strings
Dark Cloud (8 guitars) recorded by Stefan Grasse 
Eastern Echoes (flute & guitar) Fantasy (solo guitar, 1967) 
Fast Peace III (flute, viola, guitar) for Phillip Thorne & James Durrant
Folk memories in Summer (solo guitar) for Anne Chaurand
Folk memories in Autumn (2 guitars) 
Fountain of Tears (flute & guitar) for the Lorca Duo
The Guest Quintet (guitar & string quartet) for Phillip Thorne & Edinburgh String Quartet
Homage to Rodrigo (solo guitar) recorded by Alan Neave 
Improvisations on Calderon (flute & guitar) premiered by Gerrard Garcia & Clive Conway
Journey’s End (guitar and marimba, 2010) recorded by Stefan Grasse 
Memorial - Dancing (2 guitars & double bass, 2015) for the Passau Guitar festival
Nocturne and Sunrise (5 guitars premiered by Stefan Grasse, Nuremberg 2020) 
Passing Seasons (flute & guitar, 2016) recorded by Nils Klofver & Kimberley Boyle 
Piobaireachd to the Brahmaputra (2 guitars) premiered in Bangladesh by Richard Hand Duo
Prelude 5 (solo guitar) recorded by Alan Neave 
Romance (cello & guitar) recorded on Unknown Public by Peter Argondizza & Pauline Dowse
Resistance Movement (flute, guitar & piano, 2006) recorded on Delphian Records 
Salama-Shalom (guitar & double bass for Stefan Grasse & Lizzie Aumeier) 
Skemptoncata (solo guitar, 2007) for Bath International Guitar Festival
Slip Jig Blues (solo guitar, 2002) for Bath International Guitar Festival
Spring Flowers (2 guitars, 2012) 
Summer Stars (2 guitars, 2011) 
Western Light (3 flutes & guitar) for Alan Neave & Scottish Flute Trio
Winter Winds (2 guitars, 2012) 
Zalongo Dance Elegy (solo guitar) recorded by Anne Chaurand

*4 works listed form The Seasons: Summer Stars; Autumn Moon; Winter Winds; Spring Flowers, 
commissioned by Phillip Thorne & Selina Madeley and completed and premiered in 2012

Six Robert Burns Songs (tenor, harp, guitar, 2011 for Jamie MacDougall & Bardic Trio)